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High payload/weight ratio

Omnidirectional mobility

  • Free maneuverability
  • Maximum placement precision

Running gear

  • Low surface pressure due to large wheels and large number of wheels
  • Dynamic leveling
    (handles thresholds and gradients while keeping transport surface horizontal)
  • Unaffected by dirt
  • Unaffected by external objects
  • Adaptable to different (solid) floor conditions
  • Modular design

Independent wheel suspension

  • Unaffected by uneven floor conditions
  • Even load distribution on uneven floors


  • Energy-efficient steering due to roll-steering (no steering motors)
  • Low floor shear load through roll steering


  • Two or more vehicles may be connected mechanically or electronically. Afterwards it is possible to control them as a single unit.

Transport platform

  • Customized design meets customer needs

Modular design

To transport heavy loads in tight spaces and aisles, special challenges need to be overcome. This is where our modular axle design provides the basis for multiple structural design option allowing the wheel size and the number of axles of the move-s-star to be tailored to the application and load-bearing capacity.

Technical functionality

The move-e-star is distinguished by its low overall height and excellent maneuverability. The drive axles, in which the traction drive, the steering and lifting system are integrated, are the core of the unit. The transport platform can be equipped to meet the specific requirements of the operator.

Traction and steering drive

The move-e-star can be operated in lengthwise and transverse travel as well as in an independent omnidirectional mobility mode. These operating modes and the infinitely variable steering drives provide optimum maneuverability in tight spaces and aisles.

Low-Floor Transport Vehicle

Lifting system

The integrated lifting system enables the move-e-star to independently pick up and set down the load. The automatic level control ensures smooth and safe transport on uneven surfaces.


The excellent capabilities of the move-e-star are particularly useful in confined spaces and aisles. It is equally versatile in general factory operations.

Options / Customizations


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